A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

[EDIT] This is the first game! The storyline would work the best with what is in this "Demo". You know what that means? The whole first game is free! The second game (Lights) is coming out soon! Like in a few days! Maybe today if I finish it! Cool! So basically completely ignore the part about this being a Beta. The final installment is in Development!

A young adolescent takes on a quest to save his village from a mysterious rain. Their quest leads them to unimaginable places including dangerous Mountains, a harrowing Forest, and some famous places from Greek mythology! This is only the Beta version, so more features and the second half of the game will be added (features including extra playable characters, cheat codes, and--gasp--Multiplayer!!!). And here is the best part--the Beta game is free! Even when the full game is released, this version can act as a demo to anyone who can't decide whether to buy the full version or not.

(More info about game engine used in ZIP file)

Website: www.equestriangaming.webs.com

Install instructions


-Download ZIP file

-Extract to any folder

-Run "Master of Storms Installation.exe"

-Follow installation guide



-Install WINE: http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/

-Follow Windows instructions one and two as is

-Run "Master of Storms Installation.exe" in Wine

-Follow installation guide



Master of Storms 199 MB